Going Barefoot – The Newest Health Trend.

health trend of walking barefootBig shoe companies might have something to say about this strange new trend. Shoes are actually not necessarily considered to be vital, and in fact, new information is presenting the opposite to be true.

Is it the Newest Health Trend?

Statistics show that only 20 percent of the world’s population today wears shoes. Although in western society, shoes are necessary in certain situations, with warmer weather on the horizon, there’s nothing stopping you from finding a park or beach, taking your shoes off and going for a walk barefoot. It sounds strange, but there is many benefits to this new health trend.

  1. Reduction in Anxiety and Depression


Some studies have shown that oddly enough, walking barefoot through a grassy field can possibly help decrease anxiety by a little over 60%. Imagine, such an easy way to acquire feel good endorphins.

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  1. A New Take on Reflexology

Your feet contain tons of reflex points, and while you should be careful as to where you put your feet, every little bump you walk across on the road helps to stimulate those reflex points. If it hurts at first – especially in specific areas, this means your feet need the stimulation they’re getting by being barefoot. Over time, these sensitivities will go away, leaving you with more refreshed feeling feet.

  1. Refocus Your Attention for Less Anxiety

This kind of heightened awareness can be a key way to get yourself refocus, and in a more positive state of mind. When you are walking barefoot, you will tend to pay attention to where you are going to avoid injury. This awareness of what’s in front of you in this moment quiets your inner chatter and clears your mind and helps you to focus.

  1. Connecting with Mother Nature.


It’s not just about your feet, the rest of your body is also getting outside, too. And there are definitive benefits to developing a love affair with Mother Nature!

Simon J. Wikler’s book “Take off Your Shoes and Walk” outlines a number of reasons why being barefoot should be considered a viable option. It says “Practically all shoes worn daily by men and women in our Western civilization have little relation to the shape of the human foot”.

The book also explains that going barefoot can mean less deformed toes, greater flexor strength and greater overall agility.