Get all day energy with these tips

All Day EnergyThroughout the day, our energy fluctuates. When our energy is high, we’re ready to take on any task, but when they dip, it feels near impossible to get anything done. Energy levels can vary for numerous reasons including poor sleep, poor diet, health conditions, and even stress.

Because there are many different causes of low energy, there are also different tips and tactics you can utilize to boost it. Below, you’ll find a list of the 35 ultimate energy-boosting tips you can try anytime you feel yourself nodding off.

33 energy-boosting tips to try


1. Give yourself an extra 15 minutes in the morning to better prepare yourself for the day.
2. Eat breakfast regularly that contains complex carbs and protein to provide your body with energy.
3. Set goals for the day so you have a plan and a list of targets you need to hit.
4. Rule out any health conditions that may be the cause for your low energy.
5. Consider making a lifestyle change—switch jobs, get a nanny, create a routine, etc.
6. Pick up a hobby instead of just watching TV, which can lull you to sleep.
7. Start an exercise program—choosing a buddy to join can keep you motivated.
8. Avoid burning out—sure. being busy is great. but overdoing it can cause you to crash and burn.
9. Set priorities for your daily tasks—worrying about what has to get done can cause mental fatigue.
10. Use dietary supplements to get your fill of essential nutrients—having a deficiency can lead to fatigue.
11. Listen to your circadian rhythm—wake up with the sun and go to sleep with the sunset.
12. Stop smoking if you are a smoker—smoking reduces available oxygen.
13. Learn to say “NO” (this ties in with overdoing it).
14. Lose weight if you are overweight. as lugging around those extra pounds can be quite tiring.
15. Don’t sleep longer than eight hours. Although in theory, you may be more rested, you will actually feel more tired.
16. Stick to a regular sleep schedule.
17. Feel free to nap, but stick to 20-minute naps.
18. Don’t forget to take deep breaths, especially when you’re feeling stressed. Furthermore, deep breathing provides your brain with necessary oxygen.
19. Stick to only one glass of wine or alcohol beverage. The more you have, the more fatigued you will feel the next day.
20. Eat a light lunch (nutritious, not small). A heavy lunch with processed foods and carbohydrates will have you needing a 3:00 PM
21. Make lunch your biggest meal—although lunch should be nutritious, it should also be your biggest meal.
22. Redirect strong emotions like anger onto something else like exercise.
23. Find a de-stressor you can stick to that is also healthy for you.
24. Try music therapy.
25. Splash cold water on your face or take a cold shower for an instant awakening.
26. Ensure you are well hydrated—dehydration is linked to tiredness.
27. Discuss with your doctor any medications you’re on that may contribute to fatigue.
28. Do things you love that make you feel good
29. Switch up your coffee for tea to avoid the post-drink crash.
30. Take up yoga—it’s a great stress reliever and gentle exercise for all persons.
31. Think positively—filling your mind with stress and worry will definitely tire you out.
32. Be confident—if you believe you can do it, you’ll have the energy to it.
33. Laugh more often—watch funny videos, look up jokes, and overall just smile!

When to see a doctor for low-energy and fatigue

Low-energy is generally temporary, so if you’ve tried these solutions and can’t seem to shake off your tiredness, you should see your doctor. There may be an underlying condition causing your fatigue.