Garlic breath can be treated with apple, lettuce

Next time you’re going on a date, or even being with a group of people, and you need to get the smell of garlic off your breath opt for lettuce or apples to get rid of the smell. Researchers found the best remedies for pungent garlic breath are apples and lettuce.

To achieve their findings they had participants chew garlic cloves for 25 seconds followed by either water, raw, juiced, or heated apple, raw or heated lettuce, raw or juiced mint leaves, or green tea.
Raw apple and raw lettuce were found to reduce the volatiles which contribute to garlic breath. Volatiles reduced by 50 percent compared to the other remedies. Mint leaves, too, had a higher deodorizing rate and green tea was not found to have any deodorizing effects.

The takeaway here is firstly raw foods work better than juiced or heated foods in removing garlic breath and secondly chewing on lettuce, apple, or mint will have your breath feeling fresh again in a short amount of time.


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