Foods trends to look out for in 2018

food trendsIt’s that time of the year again. The year 2017 is winding down and we are now looking into 2018. One thing people pay close attention to is food trends. Remember the year of kale? Or when turmeric lattes were the “it” drink? Every year, certain foods and beverages take the spotlight for their nutritional value and health benefits. As we learn more about these items, they grow in popularity, and pretty soon, they become trendy. Let’s take a look at some predicted 2018 trends in foods. Who knows, maybe some of them you already enjoy and the others you can jump on the bandwagon for.

Top 2018 foods trends to look out for

The people over at Whole Foods have compiled a list of what they expect to see happening in 2018 food and health wise. So far, they suggest that consumers will be sipping on lavender lattes and mushroom coffees along with sprinkling superfood powders on their hot beverages for added benefits. Here is a breakdown of their predications.


Floral flavors: Many restaurants already use edible flowers for garnishes, and now this trend isn’t exclusive to “high-end” or “hipster” restaurants. Edible flowers and floral flavors will be seen in beverages and snacks.

Super powders: Smoothies will be getting even healthier, as super powders will be sprinkled on top. Furthermore, people may start replacing their coffee with matcha or raw cocoa powder. Even protein powders are being revamped with collagen.

Mushrooms: Sure, eating mushrooms is good for you, but that’s not very trendy. What will make mushrooms trendy in 2018 is their inclusion into beverages like coffee, smoothies, and tea. And not all mushrooms will be drinkable. Types like reishi, chaga, cordyceps, and lion’s mane are most likely to be included in drinks along with broths. These types of mushrooms have been found to pair well with cocoa, chocolate, and coffee. It may be worth giving it a try!

Middle-Eastern flavors: Now that the mainstream has tapped into Middle-Eastern flavors such as hummus, pita, and falafels, it’s time to dig deeper. In 2018, we will see further exploration into Middle-Eastern cuisine, like flavors and meals from Israel, Morocco, Syria, and Lebanon. Look out for items such as harissa, cardamom and za’atar, look out for shakshuka (eggs poached in a spiced tomato sauce), grilled halloumi, tomato jam and lamb.

Lastly, Whole Foods suggests that consumers want greater transparency when it comes to their food. Yes, you will still hear about GMO’s but other concerns will rise such as fair trade, responsible production, and animal welfare.
What do you think about these predicted food trends for 2018? Do you already take part in some of them? Are you looking forward to trying some?

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