Eat this, boost your performance in bed

erection foodThe way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, according to the tried-and-true saying. And there’s definitely some truth to it. You can show someone how much you care by making them a delicious, healthy, wholesome meal.

But the power of food extends beyond affection. Food can promote healing, boost energy, and even improve your appearance. And last but not least, food can definitely help in the bedroom department.


Men tend to see bedroom problems as failures, but in many cases, these problems are grounded in underlying health conditions. Circulatory problems, chronic fatigue, hormone imbalances, and nutrient deficiencies are just some examples of factors that can dwindle your sex drive.
And that’s where food comes to the rescue once again. The way to a man’s stellar bedroom performance is through his stomach too.

Sex menu: Foods to eat for better sex

You might have expected a heavy meal, but no—it’s an “a la fourchette” style light dinner. You want foods that boost your libido. The plan is to get busy after a great feast, not watch TV while trying to digest that heavy meal.

Salad for a starter

If you weren’t very keen on leafy greens before, now is the time to make friends with all the different garden varieties. That’s because they are high in dietary nitrates. Your tongue bacteria convert these nitrates into nitritines, which then turn into active nitric oxide in the gut. Thanks to this molecule, your arteries dilate, boosting circulation. And what is the key to a hard, long-lasting erection? Proper blood flow.

Chili pepper as a condiment

If a salad is too plain for you, add some chili pepper. Not only will it make your greens hotter, but it will ensure you have great sex too. All types of chili peppers contain a molecule responsible for heat in the kitchen and in the bedroom. This molecule promotes circulation and vascularity while protecting testosterone. Food for thought: high-testosterone men seem to be big fans of spicy food.

Oysters for the main course


Yes, oysters have earned the reputation of an exquisite aphrodisiac, and despite the limited scientific evidence, it seems to be true. These mollusks, commonly eaten raw with a touch of lemon juice or tabasco, are packed with essential minerals that are crucial for the healthy production of testosterone. Light and nourishing, they are the perfect option for a romantic meal.

Pomegranate for dessert

Pomegranate is marketed as the ultimate heart fruit, but there’s more to it than heart disease prevention and reduction of high blood pressure. Pomegranate is considered a natural Viagra, as it works wonders for erections. An Israel-based study found that long-term consumption of pomegranate juice translated into 30 percent decrease of plaques in blood vessels, significant drops in blood pressure, improved arterial health, and drop in bad cholesterol production. These are all factors affecting blood circulation and, in turn, erection quality. And the benefits don’t end here. Another study found that regular intake of pomegranate juice increased levels of testosterone (the ultimate sex prerequisite) by 24 percent on average.

All these foods are delicious and healthy, so you lose nothing by giving them a try. Put a little candlelit dinner together and let the magic happen.


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