7 easy fixes for nagging joint pain

easy-fixes-for-nagging-joint-painJoint pain can keep you away from doing the things you love. Oftentimes, it may seem like no matter what you do you can’t escape it. Well, here we will outline the common joint pain causes and share some easy fixes you can try to resolve your pain.

Common causes and fixes for joint pain

Inflammation: Inflammation is the main reason we experience pain. It can lead to swelling and scar tissue. If not handled properly, it can get worse and lead to further complications.


Combating inflammation is essential for joint pain relief. The good news is, there are accessible means to do so. You can take anti-inflammatory over-the-counter medications, ice the area, consume plenty of fruits and vegetables, reduce your sugar intake, get proper sleep, and meditate.

Diet: An unhealthy diet can contribute to joint pain – after all, you are what you eat! Certain foods can actually degrade the body over time, so it’s important that you eat well and nourish your body instead of causing more pain through a poor diet.

Weight: Being overweight or obese puts a lot of extra stress on our joints, causing pain. Over time, the cartilage between the bones can wear thin, causing bones to rub together. Instead of getting to that point, take the necessary steps to obtain a healthier weight – exercise regularly and eat well.
Diabetes: Having diabetes increases the risk of joint disorders, and that is why it’s so important to properly manage diabetes and control your sugar levels as a means of preventing joint disorders, too.

Lack of exercise: When your joints hurt, you may not think that exercise is a good idea because you are already in pain. However, lack of physical activity can actually lead to further stiffness and swelling, which ultimately leads to more pain. It’s important you partake in regular exercise as a means to keep the joints strong. Furthermore, there are plenty of low-impact exercises that won’t cause additional pain, such as swimming and water aerobics.

Muscle loss: Muscle loss is quite common in older adults, and when it happens our bones and joints lose their support. You can maintain muscle mass by eating enough protein and exercising regularly.

Stress: When you are stressed, additional cortisol is released, so the body is put into a “fight or flight” response. This can make us far more sensitive to pain. Find ways to reduce stress. Go for a walk, try a yoga class, or even meditate at home.

These are just some of the common causes for joint pain with simple fixes you can try in order to reduce your discomfort and get back to feeling you again.

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