Ease joint pain with this…

Woman lying down stretchingJoint pain, especially chronic, can be debilitating to live with. It can make getting out of bed difficult. It can make completing daily tasks a real challenge. And it can certainly take a toll on your mood…

A good way to combat joint pain is through stretching. Not only does it improve the nagging discomfort, but it can also boost muscle strength and flexibility over time.


Below you will find some simple stretches you can perform at home for your joint pain.

Simple stretches to improve joint pain

Side to side step: With both feet together to start, slightly bend your knees and extend your left leg as far out to the side as possible, as if you were going to step sideways. Flex your extended foot downwards so it touches the floor, hold for a moment, and return the feet back together. Repeat this with the other leg.

Calf, ankle, and foot mobility: Stand behind a chair and hold on to the top of it. Begin with feet together, and then slightly bend the knees. With knees bent, come up on your toes while continuing to hold on to the chair for support. Now that you are on your toes, slowly try to straighten the legs. From here, with legs straight, slowly bring your heels back down and repeat.

Psoas sequence for hips: Once again using the chair, this time you will keep one hand on the top, but face the side of the chair. Put one foot flat on the seat, and with the foot on the ground come up on your toes and raise your heel. In this position, lean forward into a lunge position and try bringing your heel down. Switch legs and repeat sequence a few times.


Zombie swings: Stand upright with feet shoulder-width apart. Decompress your upper body forward, and swing gently left and right. Ensure your tailbone is tucked under your hips – don’t stick your bum out. Your neck should also be relaxed. When done, carefully roll back upwards to starting position.

By adding these stretches into your daily life, you can begin to improve your joint pain.

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