Ease joint pain with these natural remedies

Ease joint pain with these natural remediesJoint pain is a common problem that prevails with each passing year. Whether it’s in your cracking knees, your aching shoulders, or your strained lower back, joint pain can occur all over and put a damper on your daily life.

Many joint pain sufferers simply pop an over-the-counter painkiller a few times a day just to get through. Sure, this form of treatment works, but not only is it temporary, but there is much evidence of the many hazards associated with long-term use of painkillers.


If you want to rid yourself of joint pain once and for all without those nasty side effects, pay close attention to these helpful natural fixes.

Natural remedies to ease joint pain

Try acupuncture: Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese therapy that utilizes the insertion of thin needles into various parts of the body. Although research results have been mixed, a large study conducted on fibromyalgia revealed that acupuncture helped improve the pain. Keep in mind, it may take numerous sessions before you start feeling the benefits.

Jump in the water: Swimming and other aquatics are a great low-impact way to exercise. If conventional exercise leaves you in agony, switch to a pool instead. Being in water promotes flexibility and movement, allowing you to strengthen your body.

Heat it up: Topical creams that contain capsaicin – a substance that makes chili peppers hot – can temporarily alleviate joint pain, thanks to capsaicin’s ability to temporarily reroute the nerves, making you insensitive to the pain.
Eat more fish: Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which can work to alleviate joint pain. In research studies, those who increased their omega-3 intake experienced a reduction in joint pain.


Practice tai chi: Tai chi is a slow-motion type of exercise, which can work to strengthen muscles with minimal impact. One study of a 12-week tai chi program found that patients reduced pain and stiffness and increased physical function.

Use assistive devices: Using a brace around that painful joint can help stabilize it to prevent further damage. It also gives the joint time to heal and improve alignment.

These six natural remedies can help improve your joint pain naturally without nasty side effects that may come with medication. Furthermore, some of these fixes work towards building strength in your body which can help prevent pain in the future.



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