Do Married People Really Live Longer?

133441128The tradition you chose to partake in aside, and whether or not you are married also aside, if you take a look around at either very happily married couples, or very un-happily married couples you might find your mind wandering about whether or not taking someone with you “in sickness and in health” is the best option for your longevity.

The stigma of the crazy single life or the “live fast and die young” you see so often in the movies might actually not be far off of the mark when it comes to whether or not a married couple will live longer than their single counterparts. While there has been much discussion about the idea, there seems to be one common denominator.


As a whole it appears that married people, do in fact live longer, although there is still quite a bit of speculation, so if you are single, don’t get itchy feet thinking your longevity might suffer if you don’t get hitched.

Live Longer – What About the Growing Number of Common Law Partners?

One big point of contention when it comes to Americans is that the idea of common-law marriage is becoming increasingly common. In fact the number of American’s that is living together, outside of wedlock is growing on a rapid basis. The amount has gone up from only 400, 000 people in the 1960’s to 7.6 million in 2011, according to Census data that was provided. This new research has taken this prior information on cohabitation outside of wedlock into consideration. And the act of simply living together has little to do with longevity. A married couple who lives under the same roof is still more likely to outlive people who simply share a place together.

The Breakthrough Secret That Cleanses Your Arteries and Strengthens Your Heart

New research has shown that the rate of longevity when it came to men in relationships where they simply live together with their partner has dropped by a whopping 80%, and about 60% for women. And these are statistics that might be a cause for alarm if more people than ever live together without the ring.

The New Information About Who is Living Longer

This isn’t the only thing to consider if you are living the married life. More studies are also finding that if you are married the effects on disease and longevity are of special importance, too. As it turns out more and more information is coming available that shows how married people are more likely to experience low levels of heart disease, cancer, influenza and, likely most surprisingly to some, depression, anxiety and stress, too. What furthers this information even more is that happily married people who have certain kinds of heart surgeries are a shocking 3 times more likely to stay alive over a decade after the surgery than their single peers.