Dealing With Your Chronic Back Pain

natural pain reliefExperiencing chronic back pain due to inflammation may often result in lower productivity and deterioration in one’s quality of life. This musculoskeletal condition is characterized by the inflammation of the bones and joints in the back, which in turn decreases the capacity for movement. Chronic back pain may also affect sleeping patterns or insomnia, resulting in poor concentration at work and a higher risk for developing infections and other medical diseases. It is thus essential to apply pain relief techniques to remove the discomfort and inflammation associated with chronic back pain. Common pain relief techniques include the use of anti-inflammatory drugs that may assist in decreasing the severity of joint inflammation, allowing an individual to perform routine tasks.

Pain Relief Techniques for Chronic Back Pain


There are also several methods for natural pain relief against chronic back pain. Herbal formulations are as effective as anti-inflammatory natural pain relief drugs in decreasing the inflammation of the joints. These concoctions are also supported by centuries of use in Asia and Africa, resulting in natural pain relief for various types of physical symptoms. The use of heat or cold also serves as another approach for natural pain relief, suppressing the inflammation of the lower back. Although several pain relief techniques are now available, it is yet helpful to understand what exactly causes chronic back pain and which exercises my also work as effective pain relief techniques.

According to the latest report in the journal BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, the risk for chronic back pain may be contrary to common notions and thus may also influence the use of natural pain relief or other pain relief techniques. We often think that chronic back pain is strongly linked with excessive weight gain, with heavyset people often ending up searching for solutions for two issues, namely effective pain relief techniques for the inflammation related to their chronic back pain and a weight loss regimen to get thin. However, the recent medical report showed that chronic back pain and inflammation of the joints of the back are more likely to be caused by heavy physical loads and not excessive weight gain.

The Pain Relief Study

In a study involving approximately 2,235 fresh female graduates in the healthcare field, the incidence of lower back pain was monitored for two years. The study selected newly graduated female graduates because these individuals have not accumulated experience in working in the healthcare field and thus the development of physical problems such as lower back pain and other medical disorders are more easily detected in this specific population group. Working in the healthcare field often involves walking, lifting, and other physical activities that are related to providing healthcare services in the hospital. The study also examined other factors that may be associated with the health of the study participants, including age, body mass index, and smoking. The amount of physical workload was also estimated among each study participant.


The results the study showed that after two years, a higher number of females that developed lower back pain were found to be lifting heavy loads, regardless of the actual body mass index of the members of this group. On the other hand, female healthcare workers lifting lighter loads showed a lower incidence of back pain. Other factors such as smoking, age, and body mass index did not show any correlation to the occurrence of lower back pain. The results of this study thus indicated that the inflammation of joints in the lower pain are mainly caused by the excessive physical weight the study participants were lifting, necessitating the use of natural pain relief or various pain relief techniques to remove this discomfort.

In addition, the study also showed that body mass index itself may not be the main cause of lower back pain, but the type of physical activity that involves that particular region of the body. Natural pain relief and other pain relief techniques may thus alleviate the symptoms of lower back pain, but it is more important to identify which type of physical activities are more likely to cause this musculoskeletal disorder.

This medical report may also assist in the design of exercise programs that are least likely to cause inflammation of joints and muscles. Back exercises should therefore be based on movement of this specific body region and not on the actual weights that are used during exercises in order to prevent the need for natural pain relief or other pain relief techniques. These light physical movements may facilitate mobility of the bones and muscles of the back and decrease the chances of needing natural pain relief or other pain relief techniques. Exercises that involve stretching of the back muscles may also serve as a method for natural pain relief because it relaxes the muscles and improves circulation. In addition, repetitive movements during exercise may also help improve the back muscles and joints and prevent development of joint inflammation, without the need of using pain relief techniques after exercising.


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