The “truth” about libido killers

common sex mythThere is a lot of information out there when it comes to sex and intimate relationships, and so it can be difficult to tell what is true or not. The problem is, sex continues to remain a taboo topic many people still feel uncomfortable talking about.

Below are some common myths about sex that you may have heard through the grapevine. Mind you that following these myths may be putting a damper on your libido and sex life.

4 common myths about sex you have to stop believing


Both partners need to be in the mood: In a perfect world, a couple’s sexual desire would be in sync, so you would never have to wonder if the other one is in the mood. Unfortunately, every person is different, so when one of you is in the mood it is quite likely that the other one is not. But this doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some intimacy.

It’s normal that schedules are off, but you should still take the time to get intimate whenever you get the chance. But if one of you is never in the mood you may want to speak with a doctor or therapist to work through potential issues.

The best sex is spontaneous: When you were younger, you and your partner probably engaged in spontaneous sex time and time again. But now that you’re older, you’re busier, have different schedules, and probably have a few more aches and pains to deal with. Sure, spontaneous sex is fun, but there is nothing wrong with scheduling sex. In fact, scheduling sex gives you and your partner something to look forward to which can increase the excitement.

You have to have sex three times a week: Regular sex is not only good for your relationship, but has been shown to have numerous health benefits, too. But, as mentioned previously, we are busy, we are older, and we are tired, so just the thought of sex three times a week can be exhausting.


Have sex when it works for you and don’t set a minimum or a maximum – otherwise, it can have you feeling let down. As long as your relationship is happy, both of you can work on how often you need to enjoy sex.

Sex is best when it’s long and slow: Sex doesn’t have to be a marathon, and sure it would be nice to spend all night with the one you love, but that can be far more challenging as we age. Embracing quickies can leave you both satisfied as well as boost energy and make you feel closer.