Common habits that cause varicose veins

Common habits that cause varicose veinsVaricose veins are those unsightly blue veins that run up and down your leg. As you age, you may notice more and more of them developing. Although they’re not usually dangerous, they are embarrassing and prevent you from wearing shorts or skirts. There are many causes of varicose veins including genetics, age, and even pregnancy. But did you know that some of your everyday habits contribute to their formation? Below you’ll find some habits that cause varicose veins so you can make sure you’re avoiding them.

Surprising causes of varicose veins

Prolonged standing: Static standing, which means standing in one spot without movement, contributes to varicose veins. Bank tellers, cashiers, and teachers are susceptible. Add walking into your routine to solve this problem.


Sitting cross-legged: This one is half true. Although sitting won’t cause varicose veins, it can contribute to spider veins, which are varicose veins cousin. This occurs because of the pressure placed on the legs and hips, which limits blood circulation. When sitting, keep both feet planted flat on the floor.

Prolonged sitting: Just as prolonged standing can contribute to varicose veins, so can prolonged sitting. The takeaway is that you should try to walk as much as possible.

Rushing while shaving your legs: Having several nicks and cuts on your legs can disrupt blood flow, which puts added pressure on your veins. Make sure you’re taking your time while shaving because even though you’re hairless now, later on, your legs won’t look as attractive.

Not exfoliating or moisturizing your legs: Moisturizer won’t prevent varicose veins, but using it to massage your legs can. When massaging and exfoliating your legs, you are improving blood circulation. If you don’t do this, your veins may become lazy, causing blood to linger.

Not building or maintain muscle in the legs: Losing muscle mass in your legs causes gaps, which allows veins to dilate and varicose veins to appear. Keeping to a regular exercise routine can help prevent this.

Eating a salty diet: A diet high in salt causes water retention, which increases pressure on veins. So, skip the salt and become more mindful of the foods you are eating if you want to prevent varicose veins.


Smoking: Here’s another reason to quit the nasty habit. smoking can contribute to varicose veins—among other deadly things.

If you are partaking in these habits, you may want to make a more conscious effort to reduce or completely eliminate them, as they are contributing to unsightly veins.

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