Brain Health Advice You’d Give to Younger You

brain health adviceHave you ever thought to yourself “if only I could give some advice to my younger self, my life would be so much better today”? This is something that most people grapple with, and it becomes even more prominent in your golden years, as you find yourself aging, your brain slows down and all of a sudden you wonder what you could have possibly done differently.

Exercise Your Way to Brain Health – Fight Aging

As you get older, many experts will say that brains begin to lose the mental speed and agility that was once there. Brain cells (also called neurons) begin to slow down as a normal part of the aging process. Experts say that by using physical exercise, you can begin to essentially increase blood flow to the brain, and a big component for brain health is more oxygen. More oxygen, could lead to a healthier brain, and one that isn’t as likely to fall victim to the aging process, ultimately helping you to feel younger.

Good Nutrition to Feel Younger and Fight Aging


It may seem obvious, but for a lot of people it could be easier said than done. Proper nutrition is imperative to the anti-aging battle and helping you feel younger. Your body needs a whole host of vitamins and minerals from whole foods, and the reality is, most people just aren’t eating what they should, and expecting to feel younger. A good rule of thumb that many nutritionists recommend when it comes to a simple method to good nutrition is to “taste the rainbow”. The most bright and vibrant a fruit or vegetable is, the most healthy it is for you. Good health and anti-aging starts with the appropriate foods.

Challenge Your Brain to Fight Off Aging and Feel Younger

You might not want to hear this, but in most cases the brain starts the painful process of slowing down as early as age 30. But one good thing about your brain health and the battle to feel younger is that you can do a great deal of brain exercises to try and keep your brain in shape. And just as much as you can “exercise” your brain, you can let it wane down, which can lead to memory problems and other aging issues. People of any age can begin doing brain teasers, reading a book, or doing other activities to kep their brain engaged. This can help an individual to feel younger. Staying young begins with being able to remember the process. So do a few brain exercises today.

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These are only a few tips that can really help to keep your brain active and stave off aging. If there was something you could tell yourself to do that might really help you out if you started young, these simple tips could be a great place to start. None of them are difficult, and if any of them can help you feel younger, keep your brain active and healthy, and let you fight off aging – there is a good chance you would have listened to your own advice.