Best food combinations to combat inflammation

best-food-combinations-to-combat-inflammationInflammation is our body’s natural response to infection and injury as a self-protection mechanism. Based on this, inflammation may seem as a good thing. Unfortunately, inflammation can also contribute to negative health complications, triggering diseases or causing chronic pain.

For this reason, inflammation should be controlled if you want to feel your best, and the good news is, some foods can help you with this feat. But if you want to optimize your inflammation-fighting efforts, try these combinations instead.

Best anti inflammatory food combinations to combat inflammation


Leafy greens and olive oil: Studies have shown a healthy fat – like olive oil – added to your veggies helps you better absorb the nutrients needed to fight inflammation.

Spinach and blueberries: It may not be the most common combo, but mixing spinach and blueberries together in a smoothie or salad can help reduce post-workout inflammation. Studies have shown spinach helps improve oxygen flow in the body, while blueberries decrease muscle soreness.

Lentils and lemon: Having an iron deficiency can trigger inflammation, but lentils and lemon can address this issue. Lentils are rich in iron, which is better absorbed in the presence of vitamin C – found in abundance in lemons.
Sweet potatoes and cayenne pepper: Swap the cinnamon for cayenne pepper next time you have your sweet potatoes. It helps you better absorb vitamin A, which is beneficial for various inflammatory conditions.

Almonds and kefir: Almonds combined with kefir help support a healthy gut. The nuts provide fiber, which acts as a prebiotic feeding the probiotics found in kefir. And you know that the latter are essential for overall good gut health.


Raspberries and grapes: This delicious combo will keep your sweet tooth happy while doubling up on the antioxidant power to fight inflammation. Extra bonus: this pair has also been shown to lower the risk of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and lung cancer.

Garlic, onions, and brown rice: This trio can triple your absorption of zinc, which has been shown to reduce chronic inflammation-related disease in seniors by 66 percent! I think that’s worth the garlic breath.

As you can see, these food combos can help you reduce inflammation in the body, lowering the risk of the associated health complications. So instead of reaping the benefits of one superfood, get your best defense forward by treating yourself to a super meal!


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