Beauty and Anti-Aging Tips for Men

aging There is a whole category of people that seems to really fall by the wayside when it comes to anti-aging products and “beauty tips”. Men care about looking good too. And with such a bombardment of female products of this nature, it’s no wonder that the male population feels a little left out.

Men’s aging skin can sometimes give a somewhat more stark appearance, because of the fact they don’t have access to a lot of the same products women do to diminish the look of wrinkles, fine lines and aging skin. But there are still things that men can do to look young at any age. Here are a few of the top expert tips meant for the man not quite willing to give up the anti-aging battle yet.


Aging Skin Starts With the Wrong Soap

Men have much oilier skin than women, and they also have one thing which doesn’t lend itself to fighting the anti-aging battle, and that is large pores. Dirt and particles can easily get into these larger pores, and significantly damage your skin, aging it considerably. For all skin, male and female using the right soap, one with a good pH balance, and few chemicals can make a big difference when it comes to fighting off the signs of aging.  Make sure to use such a mild soap which will help to keep your skin looking healthy, and fight off the appearance of aging skin as well.

Anti-Aging and Hair Protection

If you ask most men what they are most sensitive to, you will often notice that the first thing they will tell you (if they’re honest) is the thinning hair that is starting to look a little more obvious. While hair plugs and plastic surgery aren’t exactly in the cards for a lot of men, one of the big things that can be done to reduce the appearance of aging, is to ward off thinning hair by using a good conditioning treatment for your hair and scalp. Many have the time added benefit of only needing to stay on for a couple minutes, and it can really do wonders for not only your hair, but the aging skin that could be front and centre – on your scalp.


Shaving Your Aging Skin

Shaving opens men up to a whole world of issues when it comes to fighting off the signs of aging. A nick or a cut, on skin that is older can get easily infected, acquire razor burn, or dry you out. One tip that men might want to put in place is not to shave right after they wake up. Skin is dull and hasn’t had proper circulation after you have just woken up which can make for a nick and cut riddled shave. Also many experts say you should try to use a cream-based facial cleanser rather than the typical shave gel. The creamy consistency can make a shave much smoother, and gel products often contain more chemicals, not to mention alcohol which can have a very drying effect on skin, especially aging skin.

Beauty in the anti-aging battle is not limited to women, a man having self esteem and taking good care of his appearance has taken over paramount importance in today’s day and age. By putting a few of the above tips in place, a man can easily maximize his appearance, reduce the look of aging skin and feel good overall, without spending hours in the bathroom!