Your coffeemaker is making you sick

Bacteria and germs on coffeemakers Does your morning routine involve reaching for a cup of fresh brew from your coffeemaker? For many of us it does. Nothing starts our mornings off better than a warm java that gives us a much needed jolt to get us moving.

Although the habit is routine and we don’t really think much about it – we should start. In fact, according to new studies, our coffeemakers harbor many germs which can make us quite sick.

Coffeemaker covered in germs


coffee markerIn an investigation of at-home coffeemakers, researchers found such bacteria as E. coli and streptococcus. Grossed out? There’s more…

If you’re the type to let the moist coffee grounds linger in the machine, you’re allowing for mold to grow and develop, which you can end up drinking next time you percolate. Furthermore, the investigation uncovered the handle seems to have the most germs – similar to that of doorknobs. Take note of the water reserve as well – investigators found that in one coffeemaker, the water reserve was harboring 100,000 colony-forming units of bacteria. These germs can result in illnesses which affect the digestive system, and those with a weakened immune system are more prone to the effects of the germs.

Tips to keep you safe from the coffeemaker

If you’re a bit grossed out and probably never want to touch your coffeemaker again – don’t be! There are very easy fixes to combat these problems. Here are some tips to ensure your coffeemaker doesn’t make you sick.

  • Always wash the reserve and change the water
  • Rinse your device thoroughly with vinegar
  • Always empty coffee grounds after use
  • Wash your hands before and after use of the coffeemaker
  • Clean the handle of the coffeemaker
  • Clean out internal components of the coffeemaker – ideally once a week, but once a month is okay too
  • Based on the appliance, use its self-cleaning cycle function
  • Use paper towel to clean your coffeemaker – not a sponge! Sponges can collect and spread harmful bacteria
  • Use filtered water as opposed to regular water

If you follow these simple tips you can enjoy your coffee and only your coffee – no more fear of lingering bacteria attached to your morning cup-a-joe!

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