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Older Adults Who Play Crosswords and Number Puzzles Have Sharper Brains: Study

Two linked papers published in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry have found that older adults who regularly take part in number and word puzzles have sharper brain function. Researchers had previously presented findings on a connection between word puzzles and brain health, but this new information builds on this to include those who regularly here to read more


Common Food Additive May Impact the Gut Microbiota, Increase the Risk of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

New research out of the University of Sydney provides new evidence that a common food additive may have a substantial influence on gut microbiota, which could result in inflammatory bowel disease. The food additive known as E171 (titanium dioxide nanoparticles) is commonly used in foods and some medicine as a whitening agent. E171 is consumed here to read more

Music and Mindful Music Listening May Improve Cognitive Ability in Stroke Patients

New research shows that mindfulness music may help those who have suffered a stroke to recover impaired cognitive ability. The study published in the International Journal of Stroke reported the outcomes of a study that aimed to investigate the effect of combining music listening and mindfulness techniques on recovery of cognitive ability after a stroke. here to read more

Blood Vessel Dysfunction Risk in Depression Patients Increases with Everyday Stress

For those suffering from depression, researchers say everyday stress may be enough to cause blood vessel dysfunction in otherwise healthy adults. A study recently published in Journal of the American Heart Association has shown that patients who had experienced stress in the previous 24 hours had worse endothelial function, a process that helps regulate blood here to read more