Asthma patients have higher rates of insomnia: Study

Asthma patients have higher rates of insomnia: Study

Asthma patients have higher rates of insomnia, according to research findings. Scientists found that insomnia was more common among people with asthma and is associated with poorer asthma control, as well as depression and anxiety.

Asthma patients often report sleeping troubles, but the prevalence of insomnia and its link to asthma have long been unknown.

The researchers found that 37 percent of asthma patients suffered from insomnia. Patients with higher body mass index, worse lung function, and lower income were more susceptible to sleeping troubles. Even though the patients did not report nighttime asthma symptoms, nearly 25 percent of them still had insomnia. Those with insomnia were more likely to use healthcare services for their asthma. Asthma patients with insomnia had worse control of their condition.
Lead author of the study Faith Luyster explained, “Our results show that poor sleep may not be solely due to nighttime awakenings due to asthma symptoms but may represent comorbid insomnia and that comorbid insomnia can significantly impact asthma outcomes including quality of life and healthcare utilization.”

The researchers concluded that there is a higher prevalence of insomnia among asthma patients.

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