8 things your bathroom habits reveal about you

poopLet’s be honest—we all poop. Even if we don’t like to discuss it, we all eventually sit on the toilet and have a bowel movement. Some of us go three times a day while others go once every three days. Your bathroom habits may not be something you discuss with your friends, but you might have questions about it.

Are your bowel movements normal? Do you go too much? Do you have a digestive condition? These are all things that can be revealed only once you open up the conversation about your bowels.


But for those of you who shy away from such conversations, below you will uncover eight things your bathroom habits reveal about your health.

8 things your bathroom habits reveal about you

You don’t have to go once a day: Some of us believe that if you don’t go at least once a day, you’re not healthy. Well, this isn’t very true. As long as you don’t feel any stomach-related issues, then the amount of times you poop is totally normal. But if you start to feel you are straining, bloated, or gassier than normal, then speak to your doctor.

It’s good to be regular: Do you have to go to the bathroom the moment you wake up? Or do you know that by 2:00 PM you’re off to the bathroom. This type of regularity is a good thing, more so if you go first thing in the morning because that means you are getting rid of the night’s dinner. Another common period to poop is when a person gets home from work. This is believed to be because you can now relax and let your bowels do their thing with no pressure.

Pooping after a meal isn’t always a bad thing: Rushing to the bathroom post-meal could signal that your bowels never grew up. Babies have a reaction to expel what they just put in. Over time, our bowels grow out of this. In many cases, there isn’t much to worry about as long as your poop isn’t floating, runny, or smells terribly bad. If you experience these symptoms, then it could signal you aren’t absorbing nutrients.

Coffee can get things moving: Many of us we look to coffee to get things moving along. This is because the caffeine acts as a stimulant for the bowels so it can really get things going.

You’ll poop more on your period: Many women report more frequent bowel movements along with looser stool while on their periods as a result of fluctuating hormones.

There’s the perfect pooping technique: It’s a no-brainer that you sit on a toilet to poop, but you can ease things along by elevating your feet. Many footrests have come out that keep your feet elevated as a means to promote smoother bowel movements. You can place anything beneath your feet to create a 45-degree angle of the knees to ensure you go much easier.


You’re more likely to be constipated on vacation, and it’s normal: Ever noticed you aren’t seeing much of the bathroom for the first couple of days of your vacation? Nearly 40 percent of travelers report similar occurrences. Prolonged sitting on a plane can dry out your colon along with the dehydration of relaxing on a beach all day. Ensure you are staying well hydrated and eating healthy foods to keep you regular.

There’s no time limit: Don’t feel embarrassed if you’re sitting there for a while. When it comes to passing a bowel movement, there isn’t a time limit. Unless you are struggling to pass a movement, there isn’t really much concern as to how long you’re in there.

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