8 Foods You Need to Start Eating More Of

testosterone foodsMany aspects of health begin to decline as we age. Vision problems occur, hearing may start to fade, and joint pain worsens. For men specifically, their testosterone levels can start to drop, which can leave them feeling fatigued, weak, experiencing low libido, and make them prone to weight gain.

Although testosterone levels do decrease each year naturally, there are certain factors that can speed up this decline, such as medical conditions or lifestyle habits.


The good news is that you can encourage your body to produce more testosterone and it’s as easy as eating the right foods. Here are eight foods to start eating more of if you wish to improve your testosterone levels.

8 Foods to Boost Testosterone Levels

Ginger: A 2012 study found that among men who took ginger supplements for three months, their testosterone levels rose by 17.7 percent. A 2013 study found ginger helps boost testosterone and antioxidant levels within 30 days in mice.

Oysters: Not just a food to help put you in the mood, oysters are high in zinc, which is essential for sperm health and reproductive function. Men with a zinc deficiency may develop hypogonadism, where the body doesn’t produce enough testosterone.

Pomegranates: Pomegranates are high in antioxidants and have been shown to help reduce stress. A 2012 study found that men who drank pure pomegranate juice over the course of two weeks had improved their testosterone levels as determined through a saliva test. Participants also experienced a reduction in blood pressure and mood improvements.

Fortified plant milk: Plant milk fortified with vitamin D is found to help improve testosterone levels. Plant milk include almond, soy, hemp, and flax, and often contain 25 percent of a person’s daily requirement of vitamin D. The best way to get adequate vitamin D is through sun exposure, but consuming plant milk is a great addition.

Leafy green vegetables: Spinach, Swiss chard, and kale are some examples of leafy vegetables, which men should consume to boost testosterone levels. This is because leafy greens are high in magnesium, which has been found to improve testosterone levels. Magnesium is also found in nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, and whole grains.

Fatty fish: Beneficial fish to consume to boost testosterone levels include Atlantic mackerel, herring, salmon, sardines, and trout.


Extra virgin olive oil: Olive oil is linked with a reduction in heart disease. Olive oil is high in monounsaturated fat along with other vitamins and antioxidants. Small-scale studies have found that olive oil may boost serum testosterone levels among healthy men.

Onions: Onions are packed with several nutrients and antioxidants that may help boost testosterone levels. In rat models, consumption of fresh onion juice for four weeks was associated with an increase in serum testosterone levels. Its effects on humans are still not fully known, but onions are known to be an optimal health food.

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