7 Tips to Improve Your Bladder Control

bladder leak tipsBladder leaks can be quite embarrassing, and if you suffer from them, you may rate yourself as having a lower quality of life. This is because you’re scared to go out in public, scared to laugh, and scared to sneeze all because of the fear of leaks. What if you can’t find a bathroom? Then what will you do?

Your bladder shouldn’t control your life, but unfortunately, for many people it does.


You can regain that control by following these helpful tips which can reduce your risk of bladder leaks.

Tips to Reduce Bladder Leaks

  • Try to urinate on a regular schedule so that your body becomes accustomed to when it needs to urinate and when it doesn’t.
  • A technique called bladder guarding involves contracting your pelvic muscles when you face triggers for urination. For example, if hearing running water prompts you to have to urinate, instead, contract your bladder muscles and hold in your urine so that this sends a message to the brain that it is not the right time to urinate.
  • Regulate your fluid intake, avoid drinking too much during times you know you won’t be able to urinate such as before bed or if you’re traveling in a car.
  • Reduce bladder irritants such as caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods, and carbonated beverages.
  • Perform Kegel exercises and other pelvic exercises regularly as to strengthen the bladder and pelvic floor muscles.
  • Don’t hesitate to speak to your doctor about treatments available for bladder leaks.
  • Botox injections to the bladder have been found to be successful in preventing bladder leaks.

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