7 reasons you should take a bath tonight

bath benefitsWhen you have to get clean, do you hop in the shower or relax in a bath? Well, if you’re a bath-taker, you may have better heart health compared to people who only shower. But bathing doesn’t just offer benefits to the heart—there are actually a slew of health benefits associated with soaking in a bath.

Health benefits of a hot bath

Heart health: Studies have shown that if you don’t have a pre-existing heart condition, taking a warm bath can increase your heart rate, which gives your heart a healthy workout. This can result in healthy blood circulation and improved vein function.


Respiratory health: Being submerged with only your head above water has been found to improve breathing function. This works in two ways: First, the warm temperature on the chest helps the heart beat faster, which can help you take in more oxygen. Second, the hot water and steam clears airways.

Brain and nervous system health: Laying in warm water can help release tension on nerves along with reducing pain and inflammation. Furthermore, a hot bath can reduce stress, especially when essential oils are added to your bath.

Muscle, joints, and bone health: Moving in warm water can greatly help stretch sore, achy muscles and joints. Moving in water is a low-activity type of exercise, which makes it safe for many people who need to move around but would otherwise not be able to.
Gastrointestinal health: Bathing in warm water can improve blood circulation, which can improve digestion. Furthermore, an independent study found that bathing in warm water helped improve blood sugar levels, which can help diabetics.

Hormone health: Taking a warm bath encourages your body to release serotonin, which is a necessary hormone to promote sleep. On the other hand, a cold bath may help treat chronic fatigue syndrome and some fertility issues.

Skin health: Bathing provides hydration to the entire body. You can increase this benefit by adding oils and salts to your bath to promote glowing and moisturized skin.

As you can see, opting for a good soak as opposed to a quick shower can go a long way in improving overall health. Even if bathing isn’t your thing, a few minutes in a jacuzzi can offer the same benefits. Just make sure that the water isn’t too hot. Also, avoid drinking alcohol while in hot water, as it can lead to fainting.



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