7 hidden causes for your tiredness

causes of tirednessTiredness and fatigue are often attributed to a poor night’s sleep, but there are actually several other reasons why you continue to yawn and suffer from low-energy. Understanding the hidden cause of your tiredness can help you combat feelings of fatigue and have you back to your high-energy self.

Below you will find seven hidden causes of your tiredness that have nothing to do with poor sleep. You’ll also find out how you can fix these problems.

 7 hidden causes of low-energy


Poor diet: A diet high in saturated and trans fats, processed foods, and sugar can leave you feeling drained.
Instead of eating junk food, opt for a wholesome diet of protein, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, which will keep you energized all day.

Lack of nutrients: Even if you are eating well, if you aren’t having a variety of foods, you could be lacking essential nutrients. Make sure you are eating enough meals throughout the day along with a variety of healthy foods so you don’t develop any nutritional deficiencies.

A sedentary lifestyle: A lot of older adults live a sedentary lifestyle. While it may seem like relaxation, it’s actually laziness. Not getting enough exercise and physical activity can actually make you feel more tired. The simple solution is to sit less and get moving as often as possible.

Stress: It leaves you feeling completely drained, as it takes a physical and mental toll on your body. Finding effective ways to reduce stress can help you regain your energy, whether it’s done through relaxation techniques, taking a warm bath, exercising, yoga, or even therapy.

Thyroid problems: Having a thyroid problem like hypothyroidism can contribute to fatigue and exhaustion. Your thyroid regulates important hormones that help you feel energized. If you experience other symptoms such as weight gain, weakness, hair loss, and muscle cramps, you should see your doctor and ask to have your thyroid checked.

Sleeping too much: Lack of sleep is most commonly considered when you are left tired, but on the other hand, too much sleep can leave you feeling tired too. Excessive sleep is also linked to an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. Try to stick to a regular sleep schedule.


Dehydration: Your body contains a lot of water, so when it’s low on water, you can begin to feel tired. Even the mildest drop in hydration can lead to low-energy, thinking, and memory problems, and even negatively affect your mood. Ensure you are drinking throughout the day to prevent dehydration from occurring.

These are just some of the causes for low-energy. If you’re concerned about your low-energy and also experience other symptoms, you may want to speak to your doctor.

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