5 winter beverages that are good for your heart

5 winter beverages that are good for your heartWintertime beverages are intended to keep you warm and cozy, but did you know some of them can keep your heart healthy, too? Just like there are heart-healthy foods, some beverages are just great for your heart. So when you’re deciding on a drink this winter, opt for one of the five listed below.

5 winter beverages for your heart

Hot and sweet ginger tea: Ginger is associated with a slew of health benefits, so it comes as no surprise that this beverage will not only warm you up but keep you healthy, too. You can purchase a ginger tea or you can steep some sliced ginger in boiling water. Feel free to add in some lemon or honey for bonus benefits and flavoring.


Hot cinnamon spice: Similar to ginger, cinnamon is another spice that provides the body with health benefits. Not only can cinnamon tea improve cardiovascular health, but it can also aid in digestive woes. Once again, you can purchase a cinnamon spice tea or boil a few cinnamon sticks. To really boost your health, steep ginger and cinnamon together!

Coffee: If you are a coffee drinker, that’s great, as you are already doing some good for your heart. Coffee has been shown to aid in prevention of various ailments. Just keep an eye on how much sugar you add – the less the better.
Green tea: Green tea is packed with antioxidants and is known as a weight loss aid. With its hint of caffeine, it’s enough to keep you alert but not wired, and prevent sleepiness.

Black tea: Another great type of tea for your heart is black tea, which also packs lots of antioxidants. Black tea has been linked to lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, and even aiding in asthma.

If you’re feeling chilly this winter, opt for a beverage that will not only warm you up, but will do your body and heart some good. Any of the above options are great for improving your heart health.

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