5 ways you can boost your energy levels

low energyWe all experience low-energy from time to time, either due to poor sleep, stress, or even medical conditions. When we experience low energy, our ability to perform tasks becomes limited because we simply don’t have the energy to carry them out. This means that projects and tasks can be put on the backburner and it seems like nothing ever gets done.

Instead of putting things off for another day, why not work to improve your energy levels right now so you can become more productive.

5 tips to boost your energy levels

Move around


Physical activity boosts blood circulation, and the more blood that is circulating, the more energy you will have. Blood carries oxygen along with other essential nutrients that are important for promoting energy, as they fuel the cells in our body. If you’re sedentary, circulation can become slow, making you feel tired. Try to move around as much as possible and take breaks to move throughout your day to get that circulation going once again.

Take a power nap

Power naps—naps between 10 to 20 minutes—have been shown to give you a boost in energy levels. They can help with sleep deprivation, improve feelings of sleepiness, and boost energy. Napping can also reduce stress, blood pressure, improve creativity and productivity, and help manage weight.

Exercise outdoors

We know that moving around and exercise is important to boost energy, but you can get an added energy boost if you do this outdoors. Being around greenery along with fresh air can work to promote greater energy levels.


If you feel yourself dozing off, put on a funny video or think of something funny. Laughter helps reduce mental fatigue and anxiety, relieves stress, and boosts mood, which are all contributing factors to energy. It can also stimulate blood circulation, ease muscles, and dislodge blocked emotions, which further boost your energy levels.

Eat healthily

Lastly, ensuring that you are eating healthy foods is another important aspect of boosting energy levels. As the saying goes, you are what you eat. When you eat junk food, you won’t feel that great. On the other hand, if you eat nutritious food, your body will be well-fueled to ensure you have all-day energy.

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