5 Reasons You Should Be Intimate Tonight

sex and heart healthThere are many benefits of sex, including creating a bond between you and your partner, boosting your immune system, improving sleep, and reducing stress. But did you know that sex can improve your heart health? Here are some of the ways intimacy and sex can benefit your heart.

5 Reasons Intimacy Improves Your Heart Health

It’s a form of cardio: Maybe you’re not fond of the treadmill. No worries! You can get in your cardio while having sex. Sex is considered a moderate-intensity aerobic exercise and burns around three calories a minute. Cardio exercises are known to help boost your heart health and is sex is a low-impact form of cardio.


It can reduce your heart attack risk: Some believe that being older and engaging in sex may increase your risk of a heart attack, but this is a myth. On the contrary, an active sex life can reduce your risk of a heart attack over time. A study found that men who engaged in regular sexual activity at least twice a week had a reduced risk of heart attack compared to those who only had sex once a month or less.

It reduces stress: Stress is a big contributing factor to a sick heart. Endorphins released during sex help combat stress hormones, making you feel more relaxed and calm, which benefits the heart.

It creates a bond: Sex makes you and your partner closer, as hormones are released that make you feel closer to your partner. Feelings of closeness are also good for the heart.

It improves sleep: Sleep is an integral part of overall health. Proper sleep reduces blood pressure, helps to maintain a healthy weight, and reduces the risk of heart disease overall.



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