13 reasons you should get intimate tonight

reasons to have sexAs you age, many things come up that prevent you from getting intimate with your partner—health conditions, stress, busy schedules, and exhaustion are just some that come to mind. But instead of thinking of all the reasons that you shouldn’t have sex tonight, take a second to think about why you should.

Sex isn’t just about expressing love to your partner. There is more you and your partner get out of being intimate with each other that can go a long way in improving your overall health.


In case you needed a reason to get intimate tonight, what follows are 13 reasons to get intimate.

13 reasons to get intimate tonight

Burns calories: If exercise isn’t your thing, shall we suggest a few bedroom sessions instead? Sex is known to be a great calorie burner. Depending on how intense your intimacy gets, sex can tone muscles, increase heart rate, and give your entire body a great workout. In one study where participants wore activity trackers while having sex, males burned on average 101 calories while women burned 69—this was based on 25 minutes sessions. The longer and more intense the sex, the more calories you will burn off.

Improves sleep: After orgasm, the hormone prolactin is released, which promotes relaxation. Even if you weren’t tired before sex, you most likely will be afterward.

Reduces blood pressure and stress: In a 2005 study, participants were asked to record their sexual activity over the course of two weeks and were given anxiety-inducing tasks to complete. Participants who had more sex over the course of the study experienced smaller spikes in blood pressure and recovered quicker than those who had less sex. So, if you have to give a big presentation, get intimate the night before.

Heart strengthening: A British study found that men who had sex at least twice a week over the course of 20 years were less likely to die from heart disease compared to those who had less sex. Even at the 10-year mark, the risk of death by heart disease decreased 50 percent. This connection may exist because sex helps regulate hormones in the body, which have an impact on all major bodily systems.

Protect against certain cancers: Studies have shown that men who ejaculate often have a reduced risk of prostate cancer. For women, those who have sex at least six times a month are less likely to develop breast cancer.

Immunity booster: Weekly bedroom sessions have been found to boost the immune system, protecting people from colds and flu.

Pain reliever: Not having sex because you have a headache? That’s actually the best time to have sex, as it’s been found it’s a great pain reliever. This is because during orgasm, blood flow diverts from other parts of the body to the genitals and removes some of that blood supply from the painful area.

Life extender: Numerous studies have found a correlation between sex frequency and longevity. The difference here is that for men, frequent sex extends their lives, and for women, the enjoyment of sex makes them live longer.
Improves relationships: When engaging in intercourse, the “love hormone” oxytocin is released, which helps create bonds and boosts romantic feelings. This bond can be improved if a couple cuddles after sex too.

Happiness: A Johns Hopkins University study found that adults aged 58 to 85 who engaged in regular sexual activity reported greater happiness compared to adults who had less sex.

Makes you smarter: In a study conducted on rats, those that had more sex experienced more neuron growth in the hippocampus than those who didn’t. The hippocampus is a key part of the brain responsible for learning and memory.


Look younger: In a study, participants who had more sex looked between four and seven years younger. The hormones that are released during sex improve sleep and reduce stress, which are factors that can make you look older.

You’ll want more sex: Once you start having regular sex again, you won’t need any reason to get intimate—you’ll just crave and want it on your own. The best libido booster out there is to just start having sex.

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