5 Foods to Eat to Support Healthy Bones

bone foodsDiet plays a big role in bone health and it’s known that your bones can become weaker as you age. Women over the age of 50 are at a highest risk of osteoporosis, but men aren’t immune. Therefore, it’s important that you consume a diet that not only fuels your body but protects your bones too.
Having weak bones is especially dangerous because not only does it lead to disability, but it’s also associated with a higher risk of premature death.

When choosing a diet to protect your bones, you want to ensure it contains calcium and vitamin D, above all, but also a variety of other nutrients that can support healthy bones. Here are some good options to start off with.

5 Foods to Eat for Stronger Bones


Low-fat and non-fat milk: A great source of calcium without the fat. If you can’t consume milk, then opt for fortified juices that contain calcium.

Collard greens: Collard greens are not only high in calcium but vitamin K as well.

Raisins: Raisins are high in potassium, which is essential for strong bones.

Fatty fish: Salmon is a great source of vitamin D along with tuna and mackerel.


Brussels sprouts: Another green that is high in vitamin K.

Eating these foods throughout the week can help boost your nutrient levels to support stronger bones.

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