5 benefits of a healthy libido

benefits of sexYou may not be having as much sex as you did years ago, especially if you’re older. But regardless of your age, being intimate with your partner is still important. Not only does sex bring you and your partner closer together, but sex offers numerous health benefits that you’d be missing out on if you weren’t “getting busy.”

Below you will find the top five health benefits of sex, which are all very good reasons to dim the lights, light some candles, and rekindle the fire between you and your partner.

5 benefits of sex


1.It burns calories. With all the health problems associated with being overweight, sex is a fun way to burn extra calories and maintain a healthy weight.

2.It’s a big stress reducer. Stress can wreak havoc on your overall health, so why not take a load off between the sheets.
3.It helps you sleep. Sleep is another integral part of good health. If you’re stuck tossing and turning each night, the simple remedy may be to take part in some sexual activity beforehand.

4.It increases intimacy and bonding. With our busy schedules, you may have fallen out of touch with your partner. Sex brings the both of you back together and helps you remember why you are with your partner to begin with.

5.It releases oxytocin. This hormone helps promote bonding, which boosts intimacy. Greater intimacy promotes a higher libido, meaning the both of you will be “in the mood” more often, thus creating a never-ending cycle of not only closeness, but more sex.

Aside from the fact that sex is a fun activity in general, why not reap additional benefits as well?

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