4 tips to improve your digestion

overeating We’re a few weeks into the New Year now, and if you decided to embark on a healthy lifestyle, how’s that going for you? Have you lost your motivation or are you still sticking to your guns? There’s no denying that the holidays are a rough time when it comes to sticking to a diet. It’s the one time of the year to overindulge, and with so many parties going on, it’s near impossible to watch what you eat and maintain a certain level of caloric intake. So, like the rest of us, you probably overate and are now suffering the consequences.

The good news is that you can adhere to your New Year’s resolution while restoring your digestion from overeating with these four simple tips.

4 tips to recover from overeating


Drink herbal tea: Herbal tea consumption can help aid the movement of food throughout the digestive system. This can help relieve discomfort such as bloating and even constipation.

Apple cider vinegar: Spike your water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to help improve your digestion. Apple cider vinegar helps restore gut mechanisms along with providing your gut with probiotics to help improve function.

Spicy lemonade: Lemonade is often a refreshing beverage in the summertime, but if it’s spicy, it can become a remedy for overeating. In hot water, add some lemon slices and cayenne pepper. This helps stimulate the liver to improve its detoxing abilities along with removing excess food in the body. This combination is also a powerful digestive aid as it can help relieve bloating and gas.

Go for a walk: After eating a meal, it is recommended that you go for a stroll in order to aid in digestion. If you immediately go sit or lay down, then the digestive process can become slower and take longer. But exercising post-meal – not vigorous exercise, though – can get your digestive system moving quite nicely.

By incorporating these healthy tips into your 2018 healthy living routine, you will not only combat the overeating you did at the end of 2017, but you will start the new year on your best foot yet and have greater success in sticking with your health plan.

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