Simple tips to prevent bloating and indigestion

Simple tips to prevent bloating and indigestionHave you ever had to unbutton your pants after a meal? Have you looked at your stomach and though you looked three months pregnant after eating? Have you ever been continuously burping or just felt uncomfortable? If this sounds like you, then you have experienced bloating and indigestion.

Bloating and indigestion are not very comfortable feelings. There are various factors that contribute to these digestive issues, such as diet choices, lack of exercise, and underlying medical conditions. Diet, though, is the biggest culprit that can affect our digestion. For example, eating foods you’re intolerant to, eating too quickly, or just eating the wrong foods overall can leave you feeling quite sluggish.


To combat indigestion and bloating, there a few things you can do, which we have conveniently highlighted in this article for you so you can stop feeling sluggish and start feeling like yourself again.

Tips to prevent bloating and indigestion

Avoid drinking cold fluids while eating: When we eat, digestive enzymes are secreted. For these enzymes to work their best, it’s important that you avoid drinking cold fluids or fluids in general while eating. Drinking fluids while eating dilutes digestive enzymes, making them less effective at breaking down food. On the other hand, consuming room temperature or warm fluids can enhance digestion along with promoting regular bowel movements.

Chew your food properly: Scarfing down food means there are larger pieces of it that enter the digestive tract. When you take the time to properly digest your food, you make it far easier on your digestive system. When you eat quickly, you tend to swallow additional air, which can contribute to bloating as well. Taking the time to eat means you are keeping your mouth closed, preventing too much air from entering.

Avoid health foods that are difficult to digest: Some foods, although healthy, are hard to digest. Examples of this include milk and kale. This is because lactose, found in dairy products, is a common food intolerance—some people lack the enzyme to break down lactose. And kale is high in insoluble fiber, which can be hard on the digestive tract.


Eat digestion-triggering foods: There are some foods that promote digestion and can make it more efficient. Some of these foods include ginger, papaya, cumin, and fennel seed. These types of foods help promote more digestive enzymes.

By integrating these helpful tips into your daily life, you can reduce bloating and indigestion, improving your digestion overall.

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