4 things you need to know about intimacy and aging

know about intimacy and aging

There are certain “truths” we are told as we age and many we just accept. For example we might be told that our hearing or vision may fade, or our energy levels won’t be as high. Many aspects of aging are discussed openly so we aren’t faced with too many surprises.


But one topic that seems to fade to the background is the idea of intimacy and sex in our later years. It seems talking about sex becomes more taboo as we grow older when really, it shouldn’t.

Since fewer conversations are had about intimacy, we may have questions or concerns that we are too embarrassed to ask.

4 truths about intimacy as you age

intimacy as you age

It’s more satisfying: Maybe you’re embarrassed to even bring up the idea of intimacy with your partner because you feel you’re both “too old.” Nonsense! If anything the older you get, the more satisfying intimacy becomes.

One study published in the American Journal of Medicine found that two-thirds of women – even those in their 80s – were more satisfied with their sex lives. Furthermore, 67 percent reported achieving orgasm “most of the time” or “always.” This just goes to show that sex, even in your older years, can still be satisfying.

Boost libidoYou’ll be happier: Mental health issues are prevalent among seniors. The American Psychiatric Association reports depression is common among those over the age of 65. Studies on intimacy and happiness have concluded that intimacy with the same partner can boost happiness.

Semen not only contains sperm but has two feel-good hormones – oxytocin and serotonin. Being exposed to semen from the same partner can promote feelings of happiness.

weak pelvic floor in seniorsA weak pelvic floor can hinder intimacy: Another pressing issue among seniors is a weak pelvic floor. Seniors are more likely to experience incontinence – a lack of bladder control. This can occur in women as estrogen levels begin to drop. Not only can it result in urinary leakage, but it can affect sensations linked to sex that affect your ability to orgasm.

An easy way to strengthen your pelvic floor is through an exercise called Kegels. To complete this exercise, engage your pelvic floor similar to how you would contract when you have to urinate. Hold this position for a few seconds and then release to work on a stronger pelvic floor. The best part is you can perform this exercise anywhere without anyone knowing!

lack of sleepLack of sleep hinders intimacy: Lack of sleep can affect your health overall, so it’s of no surprise it can hinder your sex life. Insomnia, and other sleep disorders, affects many seniors. Fatigue in itself can lower your libido, so take necessary steps to sleep well.

It’s a good idea to determine the underlying cause for your lack of sleep. Are you stressed? Do you have a medical condition that keeps you awake? Are your medications keeping you up at night? These are just some questions to ask to determine why you can’t sleep. Speaking with your doctor can also be a good idea to get to the root of your sleep issues.

By achieving proper sleep you can begin to feel energized, which in turn can translate to more intimacy as you’ll have more of a “get up and go” feeling.

These are just four truths that you may not have known about intimacy in your older years. As sex and intimacy can offer many health benefits, it should be something you incorporate into your life. By keeping the lines of communication open with your partner you can begin to understand each others needs and have the best sex of your life!

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