10 foods you need to throw away right now

10 foods you need to throw away right nowThe health food industry is booming right now, as endless products claiming to be healthy are hitting shelves. Unfortunately, many of these products are actually not-so-healthy but are disguising themselves as such. The problem is that as consumers, we purchase these foods thinking they are good for us, when in reality, we can do without them. Here are 10 foods that you should probably toss out, as they aren’t as healthy as they claim to be.

10 health foods you need throw away

Baked potato chips: Sure, they may be low in calories, but they are also low in fiber and protein.


Diet soda: “Diet” soda has actually been linked with a 41 percent higher risk of obesity.

Dried cranberries: Unless you like consuming sugar, steer clear of dried cranberries. They have a whopping 30 grams of sugar per quarter-cup.
Green juice: Some green juice contains little to no fiber and loads of sugar, which means you’ll probably gain weight.

Yogurt-covered pretzels: That “healthy” yogurt coating is made up of sugar and oil.

Veggie chips: There aren’t really any vegetables in potato chips, but there is a lot of potato starch.

Twig and flake cereals: It’s practically sugar, but this time, you get to mix it with milk.

Light ice cream: Even though it says “light,” this type of ice cream can still have as many calories as regular ice cream and not be as filling.


Spinach wraps: With refined flour being the main ingredient, you’re taking in 310 calories.

Rice cakes: Although a low-cal snack, rice cakes are also low in fiber, protein, and other nutrients. If you’re hung up on this snack, spread some organic almond or peanut butter on top to get additional nutrients. Eating rice cakes alone won’t satisfy you at all.

Be careful when shopping—always make sure you’re reading labels carefully, and not just the ones that say “healthy.”



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