Prostate cancer risk higher with alcohol consumption

Prostate cancer risk higher with alcohol consumptionAn analysis of 27 studies has found that alcohol consumption can increase the risk of prostate cancer among men. The researchers found that even limited drinking – two drinks a day – was associated with an eight to 23 percent higher risk of prostate cancer, compared to no drinking at all.

Coauthor Tim Stockwell explained, “This new study contributes to the strengthening evidence that alcohol consumption is a risk factor for prostate cancer. Alcohol’s contribution to prostate cancer will need to be factored into future estimates of the global burden of disease.”
Coauthor Tanya Chikritzhs added, “These findings highlight the need for better methods in research on alcohol and health. Past and future studies that demonstrate protection from disease due to low-level drinking should be treated with caution.”


So far, alcohol has been identified as a known risk factor for breast cancer, along with seven other types of digestive system cancer.

The findings were published in BMC Cancer.

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