How to know if your bowel movements are normal

how to know if your bowel movements are normalNo one likes to talk about poop, and yet we all have at least one burning question that we are just too embarrassed to answer. It’s okay, because below you will find answers to some of the very common questions that you may be too embarrassed to ask.

Answers to common questions about your poop

Why don’t my bowels empty in one sitting?


Pooping doesn’t always come easy. Some suffer from hard stools, which can be a result of diet. If you’re constipated or stuck pushing on the toilet, consider changing your diet by incorporating more fiber and drinking plenty of water. You’ll also want to avoid processed and junk food as those can keep you blocked up, too.

How can I be regular if fiber makes me gassy?

Fiber is great to relieve constipation, but for some people certain sources of fiber lead to gas and abdominal cramping. If you find that fiber in vegetables is irritating, you may benefit from synthetic fiber (the kind found in Metamucil, for example).

Water is also an integral part of preventing gas and bloating associated with fiber. If you’re not drinking enough, you will notice worsening of the symptoms.

Another trick is including more oil in your diet. It can ease bowel movements as a natural laxative.
Is pooping only a couple times a week normal?

Some people may only poop two to three times a week, but is this normal? When it comes to bowels, there isn’t really such a thing as normal. If you are not suffering from cramping, pain, and other gastrointestinal symptoms while only pooping three times a week, then that is your normal.

Why is my poop white?


Poop can be different shades of brown – or even green – but white or clay color is a red flag for sure. White poop is a sign that there is a blockage of the bile duct, so you should see your doctor right away.

Why is my poop small?

Sometimes, when you look in the toilet, it almost appears as if a rabbit left behind droppings. Don’t worry about the size, as it doesn’t reflect a problem, but rather how quickly your stool is moving around in your colon. If your stool is slow, it is more likely to appear as rabbit pellets. The faster it goes the closer it will be to diarrhea. The only time you should be concerned is if you continuously notice your poop is flat or slender, as that can indicate a blockage.