Why You Should Eat More Green Vegetables

leafy greensFor your entire life, you’ve been told to eat your greens. Momma always knew what was best and she was onto something when she made you stay at the table until you finished your broccoli. But now that you’re an adult, you can make your own decisions about eating greens.

Green vegetables are superfoods, providing the body with a slew of essential nutrients that can help promote good health. The latest research studies suggest that consuming green leafy vegetables may help prevent the risk of liver disease, which is slowly becoming a growing problem.


Fatty liver affects nearly a quarter of the world’s population, and as society’s waistline continues to grow, so does the risk of fatty liver.

Treatments for fatty liver disease are limited, so your best bet is to prevent it.

The study that was published in the journal PNAS showed the intake of inorganic nitrate – which is commonly found in a variety of vegetables – reduces fat accumulation in the liver.

Researcher Mattias Carlstrom explained, “When we supplemented with dietary nitrate to mice fed with a high-fat and sugar Western diet, we noticed a significantly lower proportion of fat in the liver. We think that these diseases are connected by similar mechanisms, where oxidative stress causes compromised nitric oxide signaling, which has a detrimental impact on cardiometabolic functions. We now demonstrate an alternative way to produce nitric oxide, where more nitrate in our diet can be converted to nitric oxide and other bioactive nitrogen species in our body.”

The study reaffirms that vegetables are an essential part of healthy living and can go a long way in supporting good health.

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