Why Mom really does know best…

Mother's Day adviceGrowing up, our mothers taught us a lot. They were our teachers, our friends and sometimes even our doctors. Mothers always seemed to have the perfect advice and tips when it came to keeping us healthy – although we weren’t always the best listeners!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, let’s pay tribute to our moms, and take a look at some of those health tips that only a mother could share.


Where exactly did they get all this knowledge? Maybe it was simply passed down from generation to generation. Wherever this advice originated, it always seemed to work and you may even find yourself now passing on such information to your kids or grandkids. Well, here’s a list of some good motherly advice that you’ve likely heard or maybe you’d like to pass on yourself. Thanks Mom!

Have some chicken soup for a cold

chicken soupRemember the days of your childhood when the moment you had a cough and the sniffles some hot chicken soup was already being prepared? Not just soothing and feel-good, chicken soup can actually help a cold – so maybe we should thank Mom for all those soup bowls growing up!

The warmth from the soup can help ease congestion and break down mucus so it can exit the body much easier. Chicken soup can also help reduce inflammation and boost the immune system because it contains carnosine – a combination of two amino acids most commonly found in the muscles and brain which can aid the immune system.

The great thing about soup is you can add many ingredients so you can increase your other vitamins and nutrients while sick, all helping with a speedier recovery. So the next time you feel a cold coming on, think of Mom and get some chicken soup on the stove.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

apple a dayMom was onto something with this one – plus as a kid, who wanted to see a doctor? Sure we may have enjoyed our candy, but an apple every day can keep us healthy in the long-run.

Apples contain vitamin C and soluble fiber, both great for health. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help ward off illness. Fiber, on the other hand, is essential for keeping us regular and can help maintain healthy cholesterol. Apples are also low in calories and can keep us feeling fuller, longer so that we don’t overeat. So stick with Mom’s advice and try to enjoy an apple a day – for added protein, add some peanut butter as well.

Keep the volume and noise to a minimum

volume downDid Mom ever yell at you to “turn that volume down!” Well, it wasn’t entirely because she wasn’t into your “New Age” music; she was looking out for your hearing. Whether it was the TV which you sat in front of for hours, or records you overplayed, constant high volumes can pose lasting damage to our hearing.

The American Hearing Research Foundation estimates one in 10 Americans suffer from noise-induced hearing loss. Furthermore, they suggest those who were working before the 1960s were more exposed to louder noises leading to hearing loss in their senior years. The main difference between noise-induced hearing loss and other forms is that it can be avoided and prevented, but unfortunately if you didn’t listen to Mom and only to rock and roll, you may be feeling the consequences now.

Sadly, hearing loss can’t be reversed and so once the damage is done, it stays with you for life. Even if you’re older now you don’t have to make it worse. Keep those volumes low and make sure you’re protecting your ears in louder environments.

Brush hair 100 times

This may remind you more of Marcia Brady and her long golden locks, but maybe Mom passed down the same advice. But really, who has the time or patience to brush their hair 100 strokes? Regardless, this isn’t completely far-fetched – for those of us with longer hair especially.

It likely dates back to the Renaissance period, when women grew their hair quite long but didn’t wash it often. Brushing the hair from the roots to the ends distributes the oils that would accumulate at the roots, smoothing flyaway hairs and cleaning the dirt out of the hair.

Nowadays we shampoo and condition all the time, but if you still have long hair it’s worth it to pass a soft bristled brush through it to move the oils down to the tips – where it can become dryer. This is good hair maintenance in between washes.

Who doesn’t want shiny healthy hair?

Mother knows best

mother knows bestIt seemed that Mom was never short of motherly advice. Whether it was about what to eat or healthy habits, Mom always had a way of keeping us well. Maybe at the time you thought it was overkill, but there’s some truth to all her advice.


Now that you’re older you can appreciate Mom’s efforts and maybe you’ve relayed this advice to your own children. In any case, this Mother’s Day, think of your mother, and if you’re still fortunate to have her around, why not surprise her with something nice or even an old-fashioned, “Thanks Mom, I love you.”


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