5 ways to treat an aching stomach

Businessman suffering from stomach pain.

Now that the holidays have wrapped up, you may have noticed your stomach isn’t feeling quite the same. Whether you over-indulged in sweets, drank too much alcohol, or simply consumed way too much food overall, you may now be feeling bloated, gassy and your stomach is simply upset.


Over the holiday season your stomach and digestive system take a beating. You’re eating out of the house more, you’re attending numerous parties, and frankly you’re whole routine is out of whack. Even though the holidays are temporary, it’s enough to cause change in your digestive system, which you are now unfortunately paying for.

But don’t fret! We can easily get you back into the swing of things, even if you did go a little overboard. Below are seven tips that can get your stomach back in motion. Some of them can be useful for upcoming events and can help prevent the same problems from happening again.

5 tips to treat and prevent an aching stomach

food triggers1. Avoid food triggers

Food intolerances and allergies are on the rise, and it seems everywhere you go you meet someone who has some sort of food trigger. Food intolerances and allergies can also develop over time, so the older you get, the higher the chances are of developing one. Furthermore, you may find now that you’re older there are certain foods you simply can’t enjoy as much – maybe spicy foods, for example.

Recognizing which foods lead to an upset stomach, and avoiding them, is a good way to prevent stomach problems.

portion2. Eat smaller portions

During the holidays you probably consumed large portions many times a day. Now that you’re back to your routine, stick to smaller portions throughout your day so you stay full and satisfied but don’t overwhelm your stomach and digestion by overloading it.

3. Avoid swallowing too much air

Taking in excess air – either through smoking, not chewing enough or eating too quickly – can cause an upset stomach. When it comes to meals, don’t rush and take your time. You’ll also find that by eating slower you consume less food because you will become fuller faster – it’s a great way to shed those holiday pounds as well!

sleep4. Restore your sleep schedule

Now that you’re back to your routine, you don’t have to stay up late, sleep in or basically disrupt your sleep schedule any longer. Sleep plays an important role when it comes to your schedule (and your health); while you sleep your body as a whole restores itself – stomach included. Getting back to a normal sleep schedule and aiming for at least seven to eight hours of sleep can help ease your stomach troubles.


5. Avoid lying down for up to two hours after eating

If the first thing you do post-meal is plop yourself on a couch or bed, you’re setting your stomach up for a disaster. Lying down disrupts digestion and can lead to serious stomach problems. Try a new routine post-meal this year, such as going for a stroll or completing some household chores like the dishes or vacuuming. Moving around will help improve digestion immensely.

By following these five tips you can gain back control of your stomach instead of falling victim to it. Furthermore, these tips can help you avoid future stomach pains.



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