Walking Outdoors Have More Mental Health Benefits than Walking Indoors

Headed to workWalking outside may be the answer if you feel stuck in a rut with your mental health. While it may seem too good to be true, research has shown that walking outdoors can have more mental health benefits than walking indoors. From improved concentration skills to increased confidence levels and even lower stress hormones, the results are clear: Mother Nature is key when it comes to looking after our well-being. Let’s take a closer look at how that works.

Throughout history, research has shown that regular exercise can provide both mental and physical health benefits for most people. But there has been little evidence showing if exercising in some environments compared to others is more or less beneficial. To help address this gap, researchers designed a study to include 30 college student volunteers.


The new study from researchers at the University of Victoria was published in the journal Scientific Reports. For the study, a group of participants was asked to walk indoors or outdoors, and each was tested before and after their walk. Each participant took two 15-minute walks either inside or outside. They all had electroencephalography exams before and after each walk. Brain activity linked to memory and attention was also measured using standard visual oddball tasks on an iPad. To find if walking impacted mental performance, researchers used grades on the oddball task and changes in neural response measured during the electroencephalography exams.

It was found that those who walked outside had changes in amplitudes, which measures the neural response. These changes were represented by increases previously shown to indicate heightened attention and better memory skills.
The study concluded that people could gain more mental health benefits or cognitive function if they walk outside rather than taking a walk indoors. Researchers do warn this study was limited, so larger experiments may be needed to confirm findings.

Walking inside or outside has been previously found to be beneficial for overall general health.
It is an effective and inexpensive way to get a good workout, as walking requires nothing more than comfortable walking shoes and your own two feet. Health benefits of walking include improved heart health and lung function, increased energy levels, better mood and concentration, reduced risk of chronic health issues such as diabetes and cancer, as well as improved posture and balance. Walking is convenient, accessible, and low-impact – making it the perfect exercise for people of all ages. So give walking a go – you won’t regret it!

Getting Essential Vitamins and Nutrients

Along with exercise such as walking, the body needs certain vitamins and nutrients to stay healthy. Mental and physical health can depend on getting the right combination of these vitamins and nutrients.

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