Unexpected and Hidden Stresses for Women

82556872When something poses a threat to our well-being it is considered stress. Some levels of anxiety get us going in a positive direction and are good for us, but when the stress hurts both our mental and physical health of course it is not good for us. One of the biggest problems is that stressors are not always obvious. Women can have a number of hidden stressors that can threaten their well-being.

Obvious Signs of Anxiety

Job loss, a death of a family member or close friend, illness, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect are obvious triggers for stress. Psychologists say that there are many more stressors that women don’t seem to recognize right away. Common feelings of fatigue, headaches, forgetfulness and depression are often fluffed off by women. They believe they are signs of weakness when in fact it could be hidden stressors that are causing these symptoms.

The Sources of Stress are Individual


What is stressful to one person may not be stressful to someone else. Furthermore, studies show that even low amounts of anxiety over a long period of time can be harmful. It is mainly because we are often not aware of the stressors. Doctors warn that these factors are slowly chomping away at our health. Figuring out what our own hidden stress triggers are can allow us to cope better so we can take care of ourselves. Here are some examples of daily hidden stressors; triggers for anxiety and depression:

    • Unrealistic expectations of yourself or family members
    • Inability to accept that we can’t control everything
    • Poor communication with family, friends or co-workers
    • Fast-paced lifestyle
    • Changes at work
    • Pressure to look a certain way
    • Daily commutes
    • Daily chores

Determining our hidden sources of stress can help us figure out if daily habits are affecting our emotional health. Stress is individual so only you can determine what the source of anxiety really is and only you can eliminate or diminish that level of anxiety.

Knowing the Signs of Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

The first step is knowing the signs of stress. Sometimes they can be hidden as well. For instance stress often causes people to lose their appetite; however, studies show that there are also many cases where depression and anxiety causes people to crave certain foods like chocolate or junk foods. There is also some scientific evidence that suggests when certain people get stressed out they lose their hair. According to dermatologists people with sensitive skin tend to experience conditions like eczema when they are depressed or feeling extra stress. Irregular periods can be another sign that a woman is stressed out.

How to Lower Stress in Your Life

Most psychologists will suggest getting plenty of rest and practicing relaxation exercises to deal with the obvious stressors in your life. If you think you might have sources of stress that are not obvious then consider the following:

      • Become more aware of your expectations and adjust them so they are more realistic.
      • Accept that there are some things in life that you just can’t change
      • Work on improving communication with the people around you
      • Pay close attention to the habits that could cause stress in your life

If you are struggling with stress don’t be afraid to seek help. After all there is no shame in it. According to the American Psychology Association 47 per cent of Americans say they are concerned about the amount of stress in their lives and 20 per cent are seeing a mental health professional to help them relieve the anxiety.