Two-minute habits to help improve your health

Two-minute habits to help improve your healthLiving a healthier lifestyle is a common goal among people of all ages, but with the constant changes in fads and trends, many don’t know where to start. For some, the best course of action could be to start small. You may not have the time to devote to an intense exercise regimen or meal planning, but if you can find just two minutes a day, you can start making small changes to put you on the path to living a healthier life. Take a look at the changes below and start implementing them today.

Conscious breathing. Emotional stress can be difficult to cope with, and if you are feeling bogged down and anxious because of work, familial issues, or financial problems, it can take a toll on your health. When you start to feel your anxiety elevate, take two minutes to focus on your breathing. Close your eyes and inhale through the nose for a count of five, holding your breath for a moment before exhaling for another count of five. Repeat this ten times to regulate your breathing and help regain your focus and energy while combating stress.


Eat slowly. While you may feel strapped for time and wolf down your food, chewing and eating slowly can actually help you better digest your meals. Eating too quickly can leave you feeling bloated and prevent the nutrients in your food from being properly absorbed. It is recommended that you chew each bite 25 timess before swallowing so that it can become properly coated in saliva, which contains enzymes that aid in digestion. This results in better nutrient absorption, as well as a reduction in over-eating as you are giving your body time to tell you when it’s full.

Drink lemon water. Hydration is always important, and sipping a glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning not only helps you rehydrate, but it gives you a vitamin boost that can help combat damage-causing free radicals. Lemon water can also help stimulate your liver and flush toxins, giving you a fresh start to your day.
Take a break. If your job entails sitting at a desk for hours on end, it is important to work movement breaks into your daily routine. After every hour of sitting, stand and perform two minutes of movement. This could be as simple as taking a walk around the office and swinging your arms or performing a set of squats in the breakroom. Your body will thank you, and the small bit of exercise can help boost energy and aid in focus.

Have good posture. Being mindful of your posture is a good way to improve your overall health. If you catch yourself slouching, be sure to correct your posture and sit up straight, as good posture can reduce muscle and joint tension, as well as aid in the proper oxygenation of muscles and tissues.

Improving your health can be as easy as making small, two-minute changes to your daily routine. While these changes may not turn you into a health guru overnight, they can help to put you on the right path to living a healthier life.

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