Try and See Your Grandkids This Holiday Season

If you’re vaccinated, and your grandkids are, too, make sure you play with them this holiday season. It could help you feel young!

Spending time with your grandkids can help you stay active and allow you to capture the feeling and wonders of youth. Participating in outdoor community events like light festivals or other seasonal outings is a great way to connect and energize.


Even playing around the house, doing some baking or yard work, or simply watching an old holiday favorite may stimulate feelings of youthfulness while helping to build a stronger relationship.

It’s easy to feel young when you’re around children, regardless of their age. They often express exuberance, energy, and wonder at the things you might take for granted, and it can easily spread.

Further, it will often stimulate mental and physical stimulation for you. Getting outside or participating in an indoor activity may allow you to use your body and mind in a way you may not have for a while, which can help you act and feel a little younger.

It can be fun!

Further, you don’t have to reserve those energetic outbursts for the kids. Sure, they may wipe you out after visiting for a day or two, but that doesn’t mean that after a day or two of recovery, you can’t get back out and enjoy yourself.


Use the energy you felt with the grandkids to head out for a walk and look at lights, dust off the snowshoes or cross country skis, or explore other potential hobbies to keep you active.

Not as excited about outdoor sports? Then maybe you can look into an indoor activity to help keep you sharp. Lego isn’t just for kids, you know. Perhaps picking up an adult Lego set to work on is more your style.

Working on mental tasks like Lego may help enhance cognitive function, fine-tune motor skills, and let you have a little fun!

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