This Therapy May Help Relieve Depression

testosterone therapy depressionWhen it comes to testosterone therapy, there has been much research on its benefits and risks. Off the bat, testosterone therapy is intended to increase testosterone levels in men with low levels. In the past, it was believed that it could increase the risk of a cardiovascular-related event, but newer research has refuted these claims. Now, even more recent studies are suggesting that testosterone therapy may improve depression in men.

A meta-analysis study involving 27 existing studies revealed that testosterone therapy might reduce depressive symptoms in men. A testosterone and depression relationship has been examined in the past, and more specific and rigorous studies need to be conducted to confirm research findings.


It has been hypothesized that women are more prone to depression due to lower testosterone levels, but no clear link has been made between the two. On the other hand, there is growing evidence that testosterone therapy may help ease depressive symptoms.

A small group of researchers in Europe looked at 27 studies that mainly examined if testosterone therapy helps improve depression in men. The results were quite clear, pointing to the fact that men who underwent testosterone therapy did display significant reductions in depressive symptoms compared to placebo groups.

Although the research shows promise as a potential new treatment method for depression in men, the long-term effects of testosterone therapy have not been fully evaluated and so additional research is required.

Testosterone is an important hormone for men as it helps with energy levels, libido, and strength. If you suspect you are low in testosterone, a simple blood test and health evaluation can help determine this.

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