The First Step in Combatting Erectile Dysfunction

There used to be this fellow I’d golf with nearly every weekend. If we weren’t playing together, I’d certainly see him around. When he was missing one weekend, it definitely raised some eyebrows because if he was heading out of town or had prior commitments, he’d notify the group.

When he re-emerged from his disappearance, I asked him where he’d been. Then things got real. He looked at me and said, “I’ve been having a hard time getting it up. Last week I popped a Viagra* and I couldn’t get it down for three days!”


Thankfully, you don’t have the visual. However, when men experience erectile dysfunction (ED), their first instinct is often to try a friend’s medication or consult a doctor. But the truth is, there are a few preliminary steps that have the potential to rejuvenate your vigor below the belt.

One of the major causes of erectile dysfunction is the inability of blood to adequately circulate in the area. This is generally why ED is so closely associated with being overweight, high blood pressure, or other conditions that influence the cardiovascular/circulatory system. Before seeing a doctor for a pill, consider making some lifestyle changes that promote improved circulation. Some areas that may help include:

  • Regular exercise: It’s tough to make an excuse not to exercise if circulatory health is your priority. Getting exercise every day can help ED by improving blood pressure, blood flow, and overall health. It may even prevent ED.
  • Healthful food choices: Like exercise, food can help reduce the risk of heart disease. Eating more fruit, vegetables, healthy fats, and whole grains in place of processed foods promoters healthier arteries, lower blood pressure and a reduced risk of type-2 diabetes, all of which are risk factors for ED.
  • Controlling Stress: Your head can play a role in sexual performance, and if financial worries, health, or work are bogging you down, it’s possible ED will result. Finding ways to relax but also address and deal with stress may help.
  • Keep at it: Continue to have stimulating sexual experiences. Even if you can only sustain a partial erection, it promotes blood flow to the area and may help improve function over time.

There are steps to preventing and treating ED before recruiting the assistance of a doctor. Try these natural methods and you may notice that not only are your erections coming back, but you’re having better sex!


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