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Testosterone called ineffective treatment for ejaculatory dysfunction

If you’re debating going on testosterone therapy, new research suggests it won’t help with ejaculatory dysfunction.

It is estimated that 10 to 18 percent of men have problems ejaculating. This can involve amount of semen ejaculated, decrease force in ejaculation and delayed time in ejaculating. Currently there is no approved treatment to help ejaculatory dysfunction. It is also important to note that ejaculatory dysfunction differs from erectile dysfunction, which has treatments options.

Researchers in New York found that testosterone therapy saw no improvement in ejaculatory dysfunction. Over 16 weeks, 76 men with ejaculatory dysfunction were administered either a two percent increase in testosterone through a solution or patch, or a placebo. Semen samples were collected and questionnaires were completed to gauge results.

The men who receive the testosterone therapy did improve based on the results of the Men’s Sexual Health Questionnaire, but the difference between the therapy group and placebo group was minor.

“Our findings suggest physicians who are treating men with ejaculatory dysfunction need to look at other reasons for delayed ejaculation than hypogonadism,” said Shehzad Basaria, one of the study’s authors.

“More research is needed to determine whether a longer course of testosterone therapy or other treatment options can benefit men with ejaculatory dysfunction.”

The findings were published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.


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