Summer Snacks to Help Keep Cholesterol in Check

Sandwiches, fruits and vegetables in food box, backpack on old wooden background. Concept of child eating at school. Top view. Flat lay.Snacking can be a regular part of summer. While you’re sitting outside on the porch, deck, dock, or beach, you’ve likely got a little something to peck at, as well.

Snacks keep you feeling full and compliment a nice summer beverage. But they can also act as a source of some dangerous calories. Potato chips and ice cream might be easy to snack on, but they aren’t doing your cholesterol levels any favors.


When thinking of summer snacks, try to think of how you want to feel: light. If you live in a hot and humid part of the world, light snacks can help you cope with the temperatures.

That’s why popcorn is such a great summer snack. For one thing, it is very low-calorie and rather filling. You can also eat a ton of it if you want, and you’re unlikely to take in a ton of calories. Popcorn only has about 30 calories per cup.

Popcorn is also a whole grain and rich in fiber, which can help lower cholesterol as part of a healthy diet. Air pop and season it to add a little more flavor!

Fruits and vegetables are also great summer snacks that won’t cause cholesterol to tick upwards. These foods are rich in fiber and nutrition and can also help you stay hydrated in the heat. Carrot sticks, berries, apple slices, watermelon, honeydew, and more can all be the perfect sweet treat for a summer snack.

If you’re enjoying a cold drink in the evening and want to peck at something, consider nuts. Nuts are a nutrient-dense source of fiber and healthy fats.

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