Sudden bulging veins in hands: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Sudden bulging veins in handsOur blood is transported through our body by blood vessels, and sometimes these blood vessels appear as bulging veins in hands. These swollen veins look unsightly and are an indicator of our age, but the good news is that bulging veins are not generally a sign of poor health. However, there are instances where bulging veins may be caused by a serious vascular disease.

How are bulging veins in hands caused?

Genetics: Having family members with bulging veins increases the chances of you having them as well.


Aging: As we age, our skin becomes much thinner and less elastic. This leads the blood vessels to become much more visible. It is a normal process of getting older and nothing to be concerned about.

Hot weather: This may make veins more prominent, as heat causes them to enlarge. Warm weather also makes it harder for veins to function correctly, making them work harder and become visible.

Varicose veins: A common cause of bulging veins that appear purple or blue in color. The veins themselves are distorted and in disarray, as they bulge from the skin. This makes varicose veins quite obvious. They often occur in the legs and feet but can develop anywhere on the body. Varicose veins may become painful after prolonged sitting or standing.

Hormone imbalance: Being pregnant or going through menopause can cause bodily hormones to become out of balance, leading to bulging veins. Pregnancy may also put pressure on veins, making it harder for blood flow to get back to the heart.

Exercising: Bulging veins is a common occurrence in those who do a lot of strength training exercises. Heavy lifting for long periods of time causes blood flow to increase and the muscles to harden, leading to more visible blood vessels.

Thrombophlebitis: Blood clots in the vein can lead said vein to budge. These blood clots commonly form in the leg and have the potential to break off, flowing to the lung and causing a condition called pulmonary embolism.

Body fat loss: Our skin has a layer of fat that serves as an insulating layer. When body fat levels drop, this layer also decreases in thickness, leading the veins underneath to become more visible.

How to treat bulging veins in hands?

The following are treatments utilized today to help eliminate or reduce the appearance of bulging veins.

Laser therapy: A surgeon can use this treatment to close off veins with bursts of laser light. This causes varicose veins to slowly fade and disappear. This procedure does not involve any incisions or needles.

Sclerotherapy: This involves the injection of a special solution that causes the vein to form scar tissue and close off. It is not harmful to the vessels, as the blood flow is simply rerouted using adjacent blood vessels.

Vein stripping: Another surgical procedure that removes varicose veins through very small incisions in the skin under local anesthesia.

Ambulatory phlebectomy: Similar to vein stripping, this procedure involves a surgeon making several small punctures in the skin to remove varicose veins.

Finger and hand stretch: This can help encourage the flow and draining of blood from the hands, helping to reduce the appearance of bulging veins. Start by bending your fingers back on one hand, followed by bending the thumb forward and back. Repeat on the opposite side.

Wrist stretches: These are also a great form of improving blood flow in the hand. Start by stretching your inner wrists by putting your hands together in a prayer position. Now raise your elbows to your sides and let your wrists drop to your belly button.

Moisturize: Having dry hands with cracked skin can result in veins appearing more prominent and bulging. Moisturize them regularly to keep your hands soft and supple. The use of excessive hand sanitizer or constant hand washing can strip off the natural oils found on your skin.

Use sunscreen: Direct exposure to sunlight can cause skin damage and subsequently increase the chances of your veins being more visible. When outdoors, apply sunscreen to help protect your skin. Moisturizers often come with sun protection as well, so having both properties help protect your skin and reduce the visibility of bulging veins.


Paraffin wax: Considered one of the best home remedies for bulging veins on hands as well as being great for deep moisturizing. To use paraffin wax, apply the wax over your skin to form a protective layer.

Sugar scrub: Mix sugar with a non-fragrant plant-based oil, massage it on your hands, and leave it on for a few minutes. Then rinse off with lukewarm water and apply moisturizer. Sugar is great for reducing the appearance of bulging veins.

Bulging veins are usually only an aesthetic problem. With this information, you’ll be able to combat them if they become bothersome.

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