Stumped For Winter Activities? Here are Some Ideas to Help Keep Your Heart Healthy

Winter weather isn’t always inviting. Sure, a select few get excited when the snow falls, and they can hit the slopes, but skiing isn’t always the most accessible or inviting sport.

Call me crazy, but barrelling down a tree-lined hill isn’t yanking me from the safety of my home.


But other activities will.

It’s important to stay active during the winter to promote heart health. Heart attacks increase in the winter, and it’s likely that part of that has to do with limited exercise.

The weather can also play a factor because cold weather causes blood vessels to contract. Therefore, it’s essential to dress warmly whenever you head outside.

Here are a few winter activities that might help you stay active this winter:


Snowshoeing can be great fun and can be done almost anywhere. You can take them to a local park or your nearest wooded area for a nature walk, or you can use them during or following a fresh snowfall in your neighborhood.

Cross-country skiing:


It’s much like snowshoeing, but on skis. It’s more physically demanding, so remember to pace yourself.


If you don’t want to get outdoors, you can find indoor activities at your local community center. Hopefully, your community has vaccine mandates for participants and building entry to reduce the risk of COVID-19. Pickleball is a sport that’s kind of a cross between table tennis, tennis, and badminton.

You can also purchase a good pair of boots and a warm coat and start running your errands on foot. Getting outside during the winter can be fun and exhilarating if you’re dressed for it. You can also catch a bit of a buzz from the holiday energy.

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About eight years ago, Mat Lecompte had an epiphany. He’d been ignoring his health and suddenly realized he needed to do something about it. Since then, through hard work, determination and plenty of education, he has transformed his life. He’s changed his body composition by learning the ins and outs of nutrition, exercise, and fitness and wants to share his knowledge with you. Starting as a journalist over 10 years ago, Mat has not only honed his belief system and approach with practical experience, but he has also worked closely with nutritionists, dieticians, athletes, and fitness professionals. He embraces natural healing methods and believes that diet, exercise and willpower are the foundation of a healthy, happy, and drug-free existence.