Sleep apnea and PTSD linked to poor quality of life: Study

Patients with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and sleep apnea have been found to have poor quality of life, more sleepiness, and less adherence to sleep apnea treatments. The study performed 200 sleep studies on military medical patients with PTSD and found that nearly half of them also had sleep apnea. These patients were compared to additional 50 matched patients with sleep apnea but not PTSD, and 50 patients as controls without PTSD and sleep apnea.

When the groups were compared, patients with PTSD and sleep apnea showed to have worsened quality of life, greater sleepiness, and were less likely to adhere or respond to sleep apnea treatment.

The results show that PTSD patients should be closely monitored not only for sleep apnea, but also to ensure they are following their treatment plans for the condition, as it can lead to numerous health complications when left untreated.

The findings were published in Chest.



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