5 Simple steps to slow down the aging process

simple steps to slow down aging processIn a perfect world we would all never age, but unfortunately until the fountain of youth has been discovered we continue to age. Things like wrinkles, fine lines, and spots on the skin all seem to appear with each passing year and although you can’t stop aging you can take steps to age more slowly.

In fact, there are habits you’re probably doing everyday which are actually making you look older. So if looking forever young or looking how you feel is your goal, here are two habits you either need to stop doing and two you need to embrace that will slow down the aging process and make you look younger.

Slowing down the aging process: Mistakes to avoid


slowing down aging processDitching products too soon: You read the reviews and so you bought the product. After only a week though you toss the bottle and give up all hope that it could ever work. This is a definitely no-no! Not only have you spent money but you haven’t given the product a fighting chance to come through with its promises.

It’s true that we all have unique skin types and so the possibility of a product not working is there, but when it comes to slowing down the aging process you have to give these products time to work. Allowing yourself at least six weeks to try out a product is enough time to actually start to notice any results. Specifically with anti-aging product it usually takes up to four months for maximum results to start appearing. So before you get frustrated and toss the bottle, use the entire bottle and let your skin adjust to the ingredients.

Using multiple products: What’s worse than not giving a product a chance? Using too many at the same time. An abundance of different ingredients are now competing against each other all because you want to look younger overnight. The worst case is you develop a reaction and can’t determine which product caused it so you end up abandoning your whole regime.

Narrow down what form of aging you wish to combat and start a treatment based on that. Most companies group products which they know work well together, so mixing in a variety can leave you not looking any younger and out of money.

Not getting enough sleep: Sleep is the cheapest form of anti-aging – in fact it’s free! So why not get the most benefits by getting a good night’s rest? Lack of sleep shows, dark circles form under the eyes, your eyes look puffy and stress begins to reveal itself. This is why sleep is so imperative to looking younger.

If you’re having issues sleeping try natural remedies like having herbal tea before bed, shutting down technology and ensuring your room has proper temperature and lighting. If you have an underlining issue keeping you awake, like stress, combat that head-on for optimal relaxation.

anti aging skin careYou’re neglecting parts of your body: We all think that lathering soaps and creams on our face is the secret to anti-aging. What we’re forgetting is those other parts of the body which are also exposed. These include our hands, arms and neck. Sure our face may look fresh and glowing, but our hands and neck can still develop spots and wrinkles. Anti-aging formulas aside, it’s also important to apply sunscreen on our hands as sun damage can still occur there.

So before you head out and go through your facial beauty regime, also apply sunscreen and moisturizer to your neck, hands and arms so that your whole body can look young, not just your face.

Looking younger for years to come

When it comes to anti-aging, the market of products continues to grow. It may be confusing to determine what will work and what won’t. If you’re truly concerned about your skin and looking youthful, seeing a dermatologist may offer you deeper insight. In the meantime, protecting your skin from the elements – sun damage – and practicing smart skin care, you can bet that you’ll be beating Mother Nature’s force and look younger for years to come. Remember, age is only a number and it’s all about how you feel on the inside anyways!

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